Case Studies, Sample Pieces and Portfolio

January 15, 2013

Well, hello there.  Thanks for the visit!

Here, in one place, are links and listings for the more interesting and important work I’ve done over the last few years. Yeah, I’ve done a lot of stuff. Photography, Marketing, Electric Vehicles, “Maker” and “builder” stuff.  I can’t seem to stop myself from writing.  Obsession is such an ugly word.

(Links are either to the original pages, or to PDF versions of the documents in case the pages have disappeared into the ether.)


Contributing Author, InsideEVs

Contributing Author, Home Power Magazine

Home Power published articles:

Editor and Publisher, The Electric Chronicles

Operations Manager,

  • From concept to completion, development of online gallery to redefine art buying.  Integrated unique Search Widget, Live Chat, SEO Optimization, daily operations and operations protocols, Artist and Gallery Relations

Managing Editor, Head-to-Head Reviews

Contributor: The Gardener’s Eden


Author, Lark Books (Sterling Publications)

  • Raw Pipeline, Lark Books (Sterling Publications). Digital photography and RAW processing.
  • Color Pipeline, Lark Books (Sterling Publications). Color Management and RAW processing.
  • Smart Object Pipeline, Lark Books (Sterling Publications). Complete guide to Smart Object RAW.
  • Black and White Pipeline, Lark Books (Sterling Publications). Digital Black and White process.

Author,  …from Fossils to Flux. A how-to guide for basic DIY electric motorcycle conversion.

Author, Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations

Director, Mt. Washington Auto Road ALT-E Summit

Founder, Master Printmaker – The Atelier Print

Advertising/PR/email newsletter Writer, Blogger – Parrot Digigraphic, LLC.

Site, complete concept-to-launch:

Advertising/PR/email newsletter Writer, Blogger – Tech Superpowers, Inc
Non-Linear Project Management: Masters and Versions (pdf-Non-Linear Project Management)

Press Releases for The Electric Chronicles (samples of resulting stories): DealerNews on …from Fossils to Flux, EarthTechling on DIY conversions.

Fundraising, Community Organization

Founder and Director: Boston2Portland (Century bicycle ride to benefit Parkinson’s research via the Center for Neurologic Diseases, a world-renowned laboratory at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  (YouTube Channel, here.)

  • Year 1: 6 riders, $8000 raised.
  • Year 2: 88 riders, over $60,000 raised.
  • Year 3: 145 riders, over $120,000 raised.

Social Media Management

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(All material here, and linked, is ©Ted Dillard, 2014 unless otherwise noted.  All rights reserved.)


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