Kickstarter Project: Successful!

June 27, 2015


We made it!  With 4 days to go, Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles got 100% funding at $10,000, and is still going strong.

Why do I love this?  Well, for a number of reasons, beyond the obvious.  First, it shows me that it’s not my personal grail or indulgence, and that there’s interest and demand for this kind of work in the EV community.  While I’m talking about community, it’s been really amazing how many people have spoken  up and reached out to help – with resources, information, some gossip, and lots of details.  I also can see where the support comes from, and that there’s interest outside of just the electric motorcycle community, the EV world, even the world of gasoline motorsports.  The goal has been to write a book that reaches beyond the niche of the niche that electric motorcycles is, and it seems like there’s interest out there.

A HUGE thanks to the backers and everyone who’s helped.  …and if you still want in, there’s still time.  Order your book here.

Now the work begins!


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