June 28, 2015

  • Contributing Writer


    Jay Cole
    Jay Cole

    Ted is both a knowledgeable and thought provoking writer at InsideEVs and has been a great addition to our team. His experience and depth of learning when it comes to both e-bikes (as well as other forms of e-transportation) is unparalleled.

    October 17, 2014, Jay managed Ted at InsideEVs

  • Director: Mt Washington Auto Road ALT Energy Summit

    Mt Washington Auto Road

    Howie Wemyss (weemz)
    Howie Wemyss (weemz)
    General Manager of the oldest manmade tourist attraction in North America

    Ted is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and talented individual who we brought on late in the event planning stages who produced a very successful event for us.

    September 18, 2013, Howie was Ted’s client

  • Author

    Lark Books

    Ellis Vener
    Ellis Vener
    Owner, ELLIS VENER PHOTOGRAPHY and Photography Specialist

    Ted Dillard’s “Color Pipeline” is an excellent introduction (or re-introduction) to digital color management for photographers.

    While the same ground has been covered in other books by other authors Dillard’s breakthrough is to examine the language used to discuss the subject and to bring color management down out of the high falutin’ jargon-o-sphere into more comprehensible language. Having taught and written extensively about CM, I can testify that thisis no mean feat and his accomplishment is to make it far easier to grasp what color management is , what it does, and how to make it work for you.

    December 22, 2008, Ellis was with another company when working with Ted at Lark Books

    Bruce T. Hamilton
    Bruce T. Hamilton
    Technical Director of Photography at Northeastern University

    I have worked with Ted at Northeastern University for a number of years now. I first knew him as the Digital Guru at EP Levine in Boston. Ted has always been one of the main “Go-to” guys in Boston. He is always right there on the cutting edge of what’s new in hardware and software, and he always has an answer (usually the right one) for any question or problem that comes up, as they always do. His honesty and humor make him a pleasure to work with, and his “never satisfied”
    attitude keeps him focused on finding the best way to capture the best image, make a fine print, or manage a workflow. His book, “Raw Pipeline”, is a terrific teaching tool and resource.

    August 28, 2008, Bruce worked directly with Ted at Lark Books

    Fred Levy
    Fred Levy

    Ted is the one person you want to have around to get the right information. As a photographer, tech, and educator he is constantly learning and teaching. His energy and enthusiasm shows in everything he does.
    His new book, RAW Pipline, should be on the bookshelf of every working photographer. It explains a clear but detailed explanation of not just what a RAW file is but how to manage the ever expanding process of photography and what is going on inside that fancy new D-SLR.
    I would encourage anyone looking for a well rounded photographer to consider Ted. He will be able to meet your needs for any project, no matter how abstract or detailed.

    August 20, 2008, Fred worked directly with Ted at Lark Books

    Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez
    Photographer, Creative Specialist, Principal: Chris Sanchez Photography

    In the fall of 2008 I had the opportunity to work with Ted as he was an instructor at The Art Institute of Boston. At the time Ted was finishing his book, “The Raw Pipeline”, at the same time Ted was teaching the work-flow from the book to our class. A great instructor, with a deep understanding in photography; both technically and creatively. Teds teachings and writings are insightful, dynamic and enjoyably personable.

    August 20, 2008, Chris was with another company when working with Ted at Lark Books

    George Lucozzi
    Photographer at ASA Photographic

    I bought my first digital camera through Ted back in 1999. He became my mentor over the years and I have taken several classes that he has taught. I consider him my “Ace in the Hole” when it comes to the most up to date and accurate information around digital imaging and printing. Because of Ted, I have always been able to stay more educated then my competitors about the technology I use everyday for my business and that gives me that edge. Having that type of resource for any business is invaluable. With all the arguing and disputes about what gear to buy and what software is best, Ted was always there testing, not talking about it. That was always what made me know that I could take his input to the bank every time. Through all of this he still manages to keep his feet on the ground, maintaining the emphasis on the art of photography itself and not all the technological noise that comes with it. When it comes to digital imaging and printing, doing it right is to seek his approval.

    George Lucozzi
    ASA Photographic

    August 20, 2008, George was Ted’s client

  • Adjunct Faculty- Digital Photography

    Northeastern University

    Leslie Jardine
    Research Manager

    Ted was an effective coach and mentor for our graduate level classes in Digital Photography at Northeastern. He gave each student a high level of individual attention exploring their creative potential, while at the same time providing an advanced level of instruction in techniques for image acquisition, refinement, and printing/display. I continue to use and build on what I learned in my two classes with Ted.

    December 1, 2008, Leslie was Ted’s client

    Elisabeth Neville Ambler
    Elisabeth Neville Ambler
    Technical Support and Marketing Specialist

    Ted is one of the professors who pushed my work to the next level. Forcing advancement and leading by example. I have recommended his book to many of my own students and I take lessons from it daily. Words to not express my respect for his work.

    August 24, 2008, Elisabeth was Ted’s client

  • TSP Imaging Services, Founder and Director

    Tech Superpowers, Inc

    Ben Pender-Cudlip
    Ben Pender-Cudlip
    Documentary filmmaker

    Possibly the most important thing to realize about Ted is that he knows what he’s talking about. His experience in the photo industry is impressively deep, to be sure – but make sure to pay close attention when it comes to marketing, technology, imaging, sales, or just about anything else. It’ll be worth your while.

    June 2, 2009, Ben worked with Ted at Tech Superpowers, Inc

    Jay Dunn
    Jay Dunn
    Fractional Chief Marketing Officer | Marketing Consultant | Business Consultant | eCommerce | Retail | Digital

    When I reached out to my friend, Michael Oh, at Techsuperpowers, I was unaware of Ted Dillard.

    What I needed was the insight of a professional photographer, fused with the knowledge of the digital and technological advances, to create a cost-effective, efficient, multi-user, multi-city, photography and asset management workflow. Ted far surpassed any expectations I had. He engineered a strategy that allowed photographers and color houses in seven different cities to align to standards and protocol that created speed-to-market and cost advantages worth large dollars to our organization.

    If you are in need of relevant, business-focused, world-class insight and experience to revamp the way your company does photography, Ted will be the last guy you call.

    In an industry where everyone knows “something” about digital photography, Ted is the only expert in the country that I’ve experienced who knows “everything” about digital photography. Hire him, or accept less. It’s your choice.

    August 23, 2008, Jay was Ted’s client

  • Imaging Specialist

    E. P. Levine

    Gina Connor
    Gina Connor
    Vice President of Sales, Americas at Hasselblad Bron, Inc.

    Ted’s title of Imaging Specialist doesn’t tell the whole story. He is a very smart guy who is an excellent educator, knows his stuff, and is very personable. I was sad to see Ted leave Calumet, but then had the pleasure to work with him again at Levines! He’s one of those guys that I always felt comfortable referring people to.

    April 19, 2009, Gina was a consultant or contractor to Ted at E. P. Levine

    Jared Leeds
    Jared Leeds
    Owner, Jared Leeds Photography

    Ted was instrumental in my transition from film to digital. I was overwhelmed initially, but he presented things in a way that allowed me to make my transition relatively seamless. His knowledge is thorough and up to date and I feel confident about my abilities when I come to him for advice.

    August 7, 2008, Jared was Ted’s client

  • Freelance Photography

    Ted Dillard Photography

    Annie Cronin
    Annie Cronin
    at Annie’s Gluten Free Bakery, LLC

    I loved working with Ted, but even more important my clients loved working with him. Great, creative ideas, and made the most mundane products look beautiful.

    September 14, 2008, Annie was Ted’s client

    Mark Minter
    Mark Minter
    VP, Creative Director at BG

    Ted helped produce some of the best work produced at the agency that I worked at. From Bose audio to retail shoe and steel manufacturers, he always delivered great results and vision that complimented the creative strategy for the project. He was easy to work with, great with solutions and personable, which made a great overall team effort. The final photography spoke for itself and stood out. I’d recommend him highly.

    August 7, 2008, Mark was Ted’s client


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