July 6, 2015 is a website developed with a very clear business plan.  Using an online gallery of top-level artists, the goal is to show and promote the best work and provide it to a nationwide base of Member Galleries.  If a collector requests a painting, the painting is shipped to the gallery of their choice, at a minimal charge.  The collector may then purchase the painting, or not.

The advantages for the collector are obvious.  FineArtCollector eliminates any risk or doubts associated with traditional online buying. The advantages for the gallery?  Equally obvious.  The gallery gets access to a substantial collection of art and artists they were previously unable to offer.  They get free marketing, attracting new clients and getting sales with no outreach effort.

The site was built around the FineArtCollector Search Widget, which allows the user to filter paintings on 8 criteria, as well as keywords and name searches.

Along with Gallery listings and a gallery locater, the site has substantial Artist listings, with biography information, a gallery of their work, and links to their own home pages.

Each painting page listing has high-resolution views of the painting, some with frame suggestions as well as views of the work in an interior at scale, to give the collector an impression of how the painting will appear in their home.  (A custom service is also available, to show the work in their interior, with their provided photos.)

Using the Intercom service, we’ve incorporated live chat support to answer questions about how we operate, our terms and conditions, the mechanics of the site, background on the artist and the work, and whatever other questions a user may have.

The discrete use of pop-up features allows inoffensive, yet compelling “call-to-action” reminders:

Our live chat feature is coupled with support from several “Art Advisors” – members of the staff who are particularly qualified to advise and counsel collectors on any number of art collection issues.  The Art Advisors are available on request by name, or by chance, and are available by email, chat or telephone.

Finally, a “How-To” page provides detailed instruction on several features on the site – selecting work, making “Collections”, sharing Collections with other users and more. was developed using the Black Studio team via Codeable, and was launched January 2016.  Promotion and marketing channels include Google AdWords, print and online advertising campaigns, sponsorship and leveraged marketing through artist and gallery channels.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Helped in early development of concept and implementation, including development strategy, sourcing development and managing development team.
  • Developed operating procedures and basic protocol architecture for inventory control, documentation, shipping and storage of artworks on site.
  • Managed upgrades through several versions, integration of Intercom, Search functions, and mobile optimization.
  • Managed artist relations, attracting new talent and curating collections.
  • Day to day maintenance of site: Artist pages, Painting collections, photography, retouching and anti-spam strategies.
  • Advised marketing strategies and developed advertising and marketing materials.
  • Managed rollout through social media.

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